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Fan Video Thread Candydoll BoardGirls
File: 150975114456.jpg - ( 74.81KB , 1358x887 , tyui.jpg )
2544 No. 2544

Re-posts welcome; let's put 'em all in one place, shall we?

zorro's fan video:


>> No. 2728
File: 151270145574.jpg - ( 59.39KB , 782x666 , bella.jpg )


>> No. 2743
File: 15128736929.jpg - ( 1.11MB , 1200x1800 , 151130732660.jpg )
Moi Bella is good as are all mixes , thanks to all who share chan !

Here is one for Sonya M fans ,
Briefly guessting Bella and Emiliya



>> No. 2749
More more what app and or video editor u use??

>> No. 2750
File: 151304721388.jpg - ( 1.65MB , 2000x3000 , 561e07a0a86f1.jpg )
>>2749 thanks for the compliment , unfortunately my comp is out of commish so it may be awhile til I make anything . Maybe i should do a cd edits go fund me loll . All though if anyone has suggestions for model ot song to do next I'd love to hear .

A very simple program as effects will usually only take away from the simple natural beauty one is working with . Sadly i am sure for most purists the bit rate quality isnt great or as high as others works . . On that note I believe when edits are " too good " they can take away from the originals . Even though the originals leave us wanting more it's a a bit of a shame to totally ruin em by out doin'em .

Anyways sometimes the song and clips used with imagination and love just work well as in this case . There are more of similar llllywd edits at the other topic here , if anyone wants to add them to this thread please do .

>> No. 2752
I see I don't mind the bit rate at all ur did a good job..If you could do a piona P. Vid and or a Sharlotta vid..preferably their latex sets u van throw n other of Thiers but I have yet to see a fan vid with latex =( lol

>> No. 2757
File: 151317313554.jpg - ( 0.98MB , 1600x900 , file-17.jpg )
>>2752 when I 1st started the Sonya edit instead of using the cat print it had her latex. With the lyrics i changed those cuts to the cat whip seems more fitting.I'll post that version once I get back in action.

VH seems to work well so I'll do Piona and/or Charlotta purely latex,again once I get back at it.

Question there is someone said single subject models are better. What's everyone's opinion there?

Hoping others up their edits in the meantime.zorros is good too

>> No. 2759
Reup please

>> No. 2760
I don't mind it really before I saw your vid the one titled "zorrovid" I didn't like to watch multi model fan bids but u did it beautifully!!

>> No. 2782
Archive a damaged. Can you pack this vid new with winrar or 7-Zib and reup.

>> No. 2786
Note: Zippyshare
The maximum file size
is 500 MB.

>> No. 2794
I have problem with unzipping. Have tryed with differeny programs.

>> No. 2803
Still got problems with it (unknown format). Can you please change the names into Val001.7z, Val002.7z and Val003.7z. I let you know if it worked for me.

>> No. 2823
Sitting here waiting for the sharlotta and or piona latex set fan vid lol

>> No. 2848
File: 151506983892.jpg - ( 1.95MB , 2000x3000 , SILVERMOON-Nino-blackskirt-1_153.jpg )
>>2759 that was an old link amd being i am without a computer no longer have access to the file.maybe someone else can reup?

>>2823 it will be a few weeks or months,i need a new computer then to dl and study the material.

A Nino pic slideshow,favorite model.
Really wish she had more sets or especially any vids at all.


>> No. 2851

PW: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 2852
am I the only one who have the problem?

>> No. 2856
File: 151524868026.png - ( 75.32KB , 1043x685 , HJ-Split.png )
works fine for me

>> No. 2871
Yea buddy I don't have the problem..downloaded it I was RAR unzipped it....it was n .mov format and my phone can't play that so I reformatted to mp4 and the size went down from 1.5gb to 854mb so that's a plus...btw the Val.one was good ty for whoever the uploaded is only complaint it's too long for my taste 1-10mins r my options

>> No. 2872
Wish I could find Erika pink latex one and get others the video set not the pics ps already got Erika white latex and Natasha Army print outfit and the blue latex outfit video set I would love if anyone has these sets upload them on fill thread it would be so clutch lol

>> No. 2886
File: 151542042460.jpg - ( 252.46KB , 960x540 , 15076481992.jpg )
Waiting for a girl like You.

>> No. 2900
File: 151551919614.jpg - ( 1.08MB , 1200x1800 , file-16.jpg )
Bella K i know what nous like slideshow and everybody wants some vid mix repost from the other thread.same pw


>> No. 2904
File: 151554688819.jpg - ( 436.76KB , 1331x961 , Screenshot_20180109-211135.jpg )
>>2902 there will be always be some interested and the opposite, most times what seems negative feedback with few positive for hours of work.saying that to again encourage others to share and not expect love back or be discouraged by no replies.

For instance there girl like you above someone once commented creepy.disappointing to read such inner conflict and to note its a good vid as are all mixes.

While i agree these are best viewed bigger the screen the better.probably half the viewers are on phones so with that in mind keeping the files small helps alot or providing smaller options may help.for instance there your files for now are simply to large to download for myself as i dont have the space.as soon as possible i cant wait to see them but with my luck will be gone by the time im back online in a capacity to do so.so any chance yourself or someone can convert to a lower quality say under 100mb id appreciate it all though i dont expect that to happen.youd get alot more viewers able to see the hard work.as for length while the majority id guess prefer a song or two. For myself the longer the better.

Last to add even though ive yet to see them im sure theyre good and thanks for the work.

Juliya R runnin with the devil, same pw as above.


>> No. 2908
If you could do mashup of some models latex sets now that would a perfect day for me lol..I love latex especially on these models it's makes me go crazy when the candydolls have a sorta dark/domme demeanor when they wear latex.I fell in love with latex when I was like 13 years old and I came across Maya L. Set 16 ever since then I love it...I just now started to watch the non latex sets from candydolls and I love them but 3/4 of my candydolls collection is of Latex or Satin Looking outfits

>> No. 2909
File: 151556851833.jpg - ( 832.19KB , 1200x1800 , PionaP15_144.jpg )
Hopefully my post I submitted gets approved but here this is what I was talking about when they have that demeanor

>> No. 2913
LATEX VIDEO per request. http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/HPAvi6Le/file.html

>> No. 2923
thank you I really like it

>> No. 2958
I give up, treid it many times but clearly me and my computer are too dumb for this. Took all the space too so deleted it.

>> No. 2962
Apart from the CD Kleo vids, does anyone have any Kleofia (and Sandrinya) vids from any other agency? Or is it only pics?

>> No. 2964
It's no problem if their big I can just use a converter it's no problem

>> No. 2968
Nice one

>> No. 2987
Dude At first I didn't like the song you picked but as the video went on It grew on me and now I just went on YouTube and searched up the song lol..its a great song and it was a good choice for the "Attitude" you were going for....gj keep it up

>> No. 2990
File: 151649647983.jpg - ( 10.62KB , 196x294 , PionaP.jpg )
Abandoned latex video. Song is simply too annoying to continue.

>> No. 2991
File: 151654180118.jpg - ( 1.23MB , 1200x1800 , AnastasiaR15_013.jpg )
sonya m crazy b latexy version


>>2990 INTENSE ! To mention im not even really into latex which isnt to say i dislike those vids im just more into the cat print and kittys but you changed my mind with this one and i love the style and using as the OP requested those certain looks. You were really on to something so hope you will finish it,if not and you dont mind let me know the song and i will do a collaboration and complete it.

To get a consensus would it be o k with everyone to add non-CD models to this topic?Or even mixed videos with cd/non-cd?While it is best to keep cd here i agree,with the limited scope of these type videos i see no harm.

such as this one with some vlads,connie,sandra and nadia


PW: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 2999
I mean it's not just purely latex I'm talking about clothing that fits into that category of Latex Like The cat print/Chettah print or any print ones, Clothing that looks like it would feel satin (Ex. Sonya M. Cheetah) and high heels n all that jazz..Yes I would love to see different models from different agency's I can't speak for everyone but I don't mind it...I would love to see an Imouto idols fan video!!

>> No. 3002
File: 151682864843.jpg - ( 286.45KB , 2560x1440 , bd1.jpg )
>>2990 Not sure why the song is annoying,Perhaps listening too much while editing? its a perfect fit as is under your spell and thanks for turning me on to them. Another try vid is awesme so really cant thank you enough. extended adding bella and erica r who with electric blue eyes and bratz looks i feel fit well

PW WeLoveCandydoll!


>> No. 3004
Dude you get me lol...I love this video...keep up the good work man..Looking forward to see your and everyone else videos..I check this thread literally lime 2 times a day 3 actually lol just cuz idk I'm inpatient lol..Thanks again man!!!

>> No. 3007
File: 151691196894.jpg - ( 431.78KB , 1497x480 , Wrong.jpg )
wrong aspect ratio 😱

>> No. 3013
File: 151705510880.jpg - ( 2.13MB , 2000x3000 , 561e07abee9c5.jpg )
>>3004 did i get ya cuz of the edit,the song annoyance or both?
Are you the abandoner?if so i wish we could talk shop live.

>>3007 1st ty 4 noticing & the reminder as i tend to forget that and become complacent,eventually these arts will be improved as of now you can say we are in beta testing.as noted by the artist above and its so true these are never really finished cuz always room for improvement. my prog sucks but until i find another, free,user friendly and lightweight it is what it is.it will distort some but you can always change that on your end with your video player settings.so besides needing video editor program recommendations also it will take a long time to down all the candy vids and study for those clips that fit the lyrics and song to add in. Ive really only downed my favorites so far due to limited time and space.i fixed the space issue.

Seeing the original posters abandoned video through their minds eye inspired me not only to add to it but moreso love other unseen to me cd mods.like all though i had some piona now have all and love love that brat.

>>3012 best answer one could argue thanks for that and the other responses.i really wanted to just say.. yeah this video sucks so they should probably just delete it..lol

Now another couple reasons for the low quality for me anyway is,1 when you make these and others think they can do better it may inspire them to try,hopefully share and even make suggestions.after all that is pretty much how this collabreation was did.

While i have some attention can anyone tell me who is the model in blue and video number also the one in black and yellow?

Two more questions is im workin on an i love candy mix and so far added beghe and emiliya . What other cd have them eating candy that maybe good treats to add?

>> No. 3021
The second draft of the latex video, as promised. Still not completely happy with it, but it's presentable.

The name of the song is "Kids" by Sleigh Bells. (I "kid" you not.)


>> No. 3022
I used Sony Vegas.

-- Windows Media Video - 3 Mbps --

Audio: 96 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, WMA

Video: 30 fps, 640x480 Progressive, WMV, 3.1 Mbps
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000

Go ahead and keep messing with it if you want; I consider it a compliment.

>> No. 3024
>>3013Nope I am not I said that cuz Idk why I said that I just liked it lol...The song don't bother me that much...I just love your video is all I'm saying keep up the good work bud

>> No. 3025
I was browsing through the teen model catalog for like hours and came across so cool sets from Elona and other models I never heard of from TMTV....Btw The 3d TMTV video sets some are in 3d what glasses do u need for the 3d sets??? Like the old school Red n Blue paper glasses or the new ones you get whenever u go to see a 3d movie???

>> No. 3030
Blue Shiny latex???? That's Elisa M. Set 3 N the Yellow n black with that blonde hair wig????? That's Vika Z. Set 19πŸ‘πŸ‘

>> No. 3042
File: 151740468123.jpg - ( 168.08KB , 800x450 , anothertry1.jpg )
>>3021 ty >>3024 ty >>3028 Nice

< >>3030 sorry i mean that one in shiny blue pictured who is it and video number plz?

>> No. 3045
Shiny blue is Vika z. Set 16

>> No. 3056
Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nah man your cool...Everyone has sumn they like when it comes to Some if not most of the Candydolls mine is Latex πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

>> No. 3098
Any chance i can get these for "dailyuploads"? I keep trying but Zippy doesn't work for me.

>> No. 3123
File: 15180146465.jpg - ( 87.34KB , 960x540 , Image1.jpg )
bon appetit!

>> No. 3124
File: 151803712440.jpg - ( 82.31KB , 888x1323 , AlinaN.jpg )
For Daily Uploads guy

>> No. 3149
Where's all the videos at??? Lol hi just making sure this thread doesn't go dead

>> No. 3185
File: 15191391725.jpg - ( 6.65KB , 252x222 , LinaI thumb.jpg )
This one's not that good -- too many dumb graphics. But someone might like it...

>> No. 3187
File: 15191896672.png - ( 569.68KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180221-011318.png )
Her name and set plz =)

>> No. 3196
File: 151925960175.png - ( 610.28KB , 960x540 , CherieB.png )
CherieB VIP #1

PHOTOS: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0HBNUZDN/VIP_CherieB01.7z_links

VIDEO: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/XB0OIWNN/VIP_CherieB_01vid.7z_links

>> No. 3201

>> No. 3227
Password for the video above you ??is WeLoveCandydoll! I didn't know it either I just guessed lol

>> No. 3243
I have a feeling that the guy having trouble opening the Val movie was doing it one by one instead of all three at once. I'm hoping this helps... Here's how to unpack multiple .rar files: Hold Ctrl and left click on each file so that they are all selected at the same time. Once they are all selected at the same time, let go of Ctrl, right click on any of the three files. Choose "Extract Here", then type the password (if necessary). If no password, it will start on its own. Wait for it to finish - don't click away. When it finishes working, look on that page - the same page as the files (not the internet page, but rather the computer file page A.K.A. the place you downloaded TO) for the video file of the same name. Usually it's at the bottom of the page. To play the video, I recommend VLC Media Player (it's a free download, just Google it). Hope this helped! :)

>> No. 3248
File: 152004393551.jpg - ( 8.87KB , 280x268 , ZinaBthumb.jpg )
I'm the guy that did the latex vids and the bon appetit as well. Am I the only one still doing these or what?

BTW, if it's a storage problem that's keeping y'all from contributing, I recommend the 4T easyspace external storage device from bestbuy for 100 bucks. plug into your usb and presto! plenty of room for alllllll the videos!

At any rate, here's my latest little edit. This one is sad and poignant... Prepare to be depressed!


>> No. 3276
Lol I did get a little depressed lololololol

>> No. 3319
I got all the vids except the one i wanted most, this 'crazy bitch' one. Seems to be gone from the server... Can't wait to check out the rest though!

>> No. 3371

>> No. 3372
Is MarinaT. VIP set 1 n VIP set 6 the same video/pic set?

>> No. 3373
If so could anyone send me a link to the video set VIP 1? Sorry I know this isn't a thread for things like this hurt I didn't know how to make my own thread =( lmk

>> No. 3417
Hey thanks man!!! Been checking this thread ever since it been created lol.....hopefully its the latex one I asked for pweaseeee 😁

>> No. 3436
I got a request for a fan video cuz everyone others doe a bang up job!!! Really enjoy all the ones besides the one with the graphics..anyway my top 7 request....Sonya,Laura, Valensiya,Liliya(Latex sets and the army print set), Vika Z(latex sets and whatever else), Elisa M. (Latex), and maybe sumone could do a mix of Vera K. And other models....i know your guy's art takes a long time and there is no problem with that and I'm not asking for all of em fyi...again keep up the good work!!!!

>> No. 3502
File: 152340686675.jpg - ( 935.88KB , 1800x1200 , SharlottaS17_006.jpg )
How's everyone pieces doing!?!?!?!?? Glad and excited to see what everyone comes up with!!!!😁😁😁 Leo up the good work!!!!......P.S Just checking in to see that this thread is still alive lol

>> No. 3618
File: 152414668444.jpg - ( 48.93KB , 640x480 , Image1.jpg )
Ooh La La


(63 mb)

>> No. 3633
File: 152426533965.jpg - ( 36.34KB , 427x240 , Image2.jpg )
Lolita - 61mb

>> No. 3681
What are the sets n names of all the models in the lAst 2 videos???? If u could name em in order of the video tht would be greatly appreciated

>> No. 3682
File: 152476971445.png - ( 874.33KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180426-150742.png )
What set and who.it is??? Vid links plz

>> No. 3683
File: 152476986783.png - ( 403.32KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180426-150720.png )
What set and who.it is??? Vid links plz all these request r from me fyi..most of these screen captures aren't that good/Can't get a good shot of face just lmk if u can

>> No. 3684
File: 152476988152.png - ( 376.43KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180426-150709.png )
What set and who.it is??? Vid links plz all these request r from me fyi..most of these screen captures aren't that good/Can't get a good shot of face just lmk if u can

>> No. 3685
File: 152476990349.png - ( 545.40KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180426-150634.png )
What set and who.it is??? Vid links plz all these request r from me fyi..most of these screen captures aren't that good/Can't get a good shot of face just lmk if u can

>> No. 3686
File: 15247699308.png - ( 545.52KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180426-150542.png )
What set and who.it is??? Vid links plz all these request r from me fyi..most of these screen captures aren't that good/Can't get a good shot of face just lmk if u can

>> No. 3687
File: 152476995427.png - ( 366.44KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180426-150519.png )
What set and who.it is??? Vid links plz all these request r from me fyi..most of these screen captures aren't that good/Can't get a good shot of face just lmk if u can

>> No. 3688
Sorry for bombing this thread with pics and requests I'm sorry will never happen again...I just accidently deleted every video I have downloaded the past couple months so Yea it sucks =(...Luckly I have most of my collection on a safely locked usb drive

>> No. 3689
Set plz

>> No. 3699
File: 152483328788.jpg - ( 109.20KB , 960x540 , Image7.jpg )
short and chaotic fan vid

>> No. 3700
File: 152483411862.jpg - ( 160.26KB , 960x540 , Image8.jpg )

re-upload of bella fan video (not mine) 73mb


>> No. 3774

>> No. 3809
I think they are all screenshots of Anjerica. You can probably get all her stuff on the Mega-thread thread

>> No. 4037
can i get the original of this vid?

>> No. 4086
This post still going??? Anyone still making/in the middle of making any more of these awesome pieces of art we call fan videos?

>> No. 4134
File: 152919312258.jpg - ( 165.80KB , 640x960 , IMG_20180616_193254.jpg )
I'm the guy who requested a Sharlotta and Piona(only their latex sets) video. Wondering is someone working/almost done with that? Been waiting patiently for months now! Would greatly appreciate it asap lol Jkjk just LMK what's up with it

>> No. 4330
File: 152979968037.jpg - ( 57.51KB , 1162x665 , 0000aaaa.jpg )

>> No. 4354
Is anyone able to share the Elona.V fan video posted a year or two back? I'm unable to locate the thread now, my copy vanished on a broken HDD

>> No. 4464
i was just wondering when that video of piona p. n sonya m. will be done???/ im not trying to rush but whoever i talked to if they could just give me a timetable or some info of when its gonna be done it will be greatly appreciated(only thier latex sets)

>> No. 5720
No more fan vids?????? :(

>> No. 5769
Yes please

>> No. 5785
File: 154665439329.jpg - ( 1.13MB , 1200x1800 , NatashaC17_007.jpg )
Where are the fan videos at???? I been waiting for my Request for almost a year!!! Lol I need to know what's going on!!

>> No. 5794

>> No. 5795
A new video??!!! Nice job, thanks!

>> No. 5802
File: 154709671945.jpg - ( 86.93KB , 864x480 , pbk5.jpg )


>> No. 5804

>> No. 5810
piona sleigh bells,obsession


>> No. 5815
emiliya v masha p , ww low quality mix



>> No. 5818
File: 154743292922.jpg - ( 3.31MB , 1920x2880 , InShot_20190113_205220488.jpg )
All 3 r great vids but my favorite is the sharlotta n piona oneπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I love how they work latex plus I got a huge thing for latex. I did request a piona n sharlotta fan videos strictly thier latex sets last year n it was def worth the wait..Looking forward to more of your workπŸ™πŸ’²

>> No. 5819
File: 154751586327.jpg - ( 86.94KB , 864x480 , evh3.jpg )
cd emiliya v mix

>> No. 5821
File: 15476440887.jpg - ( 381.50KB , 900x600 , Nino_bluemetalJPG.jpg )
sharlotta s latexy pre piona p. mir.cr/B3DTIBXQ

>> No. 5833
They are all awesome!!!!! I'm looking forward to more!!! I'm with the latex guy lol I want to see more latex!!!!

>> No. 5834
File: 154821947839.jpg - ( 4.67MB , 1920x2880 , InShot_20190122_223751114.jpg )
Wish they could stay young forever!!😒😒😭😭 Wish they never got rid of Candydoll...tokyodoll is good don't get me wrong but I'm here for the girls(not the grown up ones πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰) all other agencies don't come close to Candydoll when it comes to videos.. If anyone knows of any agencies that have Candydoll aged models and it must have atleast a ok amount of videos send me the links!!! Plz n ty

>> No. 6200
File: 155236455085.png - ( 205.33KB , 640x364 , vlcsnap-2019-03-11-21h18m25s627.png )

>> No. 6210
Thank you!

>> No. 6475
File: 155865865124.jpg - ( 84.13KB , 960x540 , Image35.jpg )
thank you very much

>> No. 6511
File: 156134607535.jpg - ( 1.23MB , 1800x1200 , EricaR05_082.jpg )
erica r

>> No. 6519
Please could you check Erica password as hurricane doesn't seem to work.. many thanks!

>> No. 6522
File: 156146192982.jpg - ( 1.33MB , 1600x900 , Erica R1.jpg )
10-11-12 & early version Sonya M i love it.



>> No. 6525
>>6511 Pass is: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 6652
Thanks for the remix, I like how the stuff you added makes it feel more naughty. Sweet song elongation, too. I look forward to hopefully seeing more!

>> No. 6678
File: 156411699272.jpg - ( 381.65KB , 860x564 , Jana22_036.jpg )
>>6652 thanks i appreciate the notes,the intros serve a few purpose basically to make adjustments to your player,self,volume et al.

again its a great song for the topic and it isnt easy to find good songs so if anyone has suggestions do tell.

>>4330 reworked that one and probably the final version of it,emilya and masha re-remix


>> No. 6688
Ok fr though whoever this guy is who made the last 4 videos....u sir are a good...I love the way you edit them..if ur new to this thread then let me crown u best on this thread lol....and if you could include a song by van halen:Girls Girls Girls that would be awesome

>> No. 6755
it's called pam pam. what is the techno music from?

>> No. 6756
how can you have a video thread when you can't upload video formats like webm and mp4?

>> No. 6758
There's this one on YT.

>> No. 6761
close, but they changed the music. looking for the original fan video.

>> No. 6784
ok, perhaps..this..
I can't post the link , but if you DDGo this
It'll be reborn.

>> No. 6786
go to zippyshare to upload your video, then post the link. very similar to how one posts videos on the rest of this site.

>> No. 6787
File: 15649147246.jpg - ( 243.61KB , 1446x1080 , pampam.jpg )
that's the same as the YT video. that's not it.

>> No. 6788
File: 156491871546.jpg - ( 325.17KB , 960x1080 , PamPamSpace.jpg )
the guy who made the original pampam video also made a second one. can't find that either.

>> No. 6821
File: 156506609071.jpg - ( 196.11KB , 564x860 , Jana01_009.jpg )
sonya m/clara m & sonya/jam sandwich


>>6688 really appreciate the compliment and insights.

girls girls girls is motley.van beautiful girls.note in the past others have use those tunes ive seen in other threads.both those songs have grannyd lyrics so arent easy to match. zztop legs same issue.i will see what i can do..

>> No. 6848
File: 156515969013.jpg - ( 117.07KB , 960x1464 , Jana86b_005.jpg )
a diana & a liz,sleigh bells instrumental.
last time using this song,just wanted stand alone different versions of 10-11-12 models.


>> No. 6891
Where is the password to open the files?

>> No. 6892
Where is the password to open the files?

>> No. 6942
File: 156599867425.jpg - ( 882.43KB , 1920x1080 , welovecandydolls!.jpg )


>> No. 6957
Can someone re-up Zorro's fan video?

>> No. 6958
File: 156674454091.jpg - ( 741.41KB , 1600x900 , bella1.jpg )
>>6957 which mod and video number butterfly @3:15 in zorro?


bella k 40 mix



>> No. 6965

>> No. 6967
Wich set is this one?

>> No. 7330
New Bella K fanvid



>> No. 7332
that's an epic video man, thanks

>> No. 7333
that's an epic video man, thanks

>> No. 7339
this is brilliant work. can't believe more people haven't commented on it.

bella is brilliant as well...

>> No. 7340
Does anyone know how, using freeware such as Shotcut or Avedimux, to improve resolution of the early CD 16:9 vids - ie not just upscale but actuully improve picture quality in the same way some HD TVs do?

>> No. 7347
Do you really believe in magic?
There is no way except for add some sharpness and force levels !

>> No. 7350
Thanks, what do you mean by 'force levels'?

>> No. 7488
It's the holy grail isn't it. A lot of junior model vids laack sharpness, correct exposure, colour accuracy etc. Shotcut is difficult to use, but you can add sharpness subjectively and sort out colors/brightness using the filters, but the results arn't always what you hoped and a lost of trial and effort is required/ Also is it not only those things, but editing is required to remove all the padding from videos and enhance the best bits with slowmos Shotcut is bad for that so resolution is lost by reverting to other software.

SVP may be useful software, but there's a lot of learning and labor involved.

>> No. 8126
File: 159057461239.jpg - ( 15.29KB , 346x280 , AmyNt.jpg )


>> No. 8128
I think this is my favorite fan video ever, thanks for your work!

>> No. 8161
File: 159261163969.jpg - ( 10.04KB , 278x282 , LidiyaA t.jpg )
they took it down, but it needs to be available. The best of all tribute vids, zorrofan's original masterpiece!

>> No. 8215
File: 159462114734.jpg - ( 50.52KB , 380x395 , Picasso_-Les-Demoiselles-dAvignon-380x395.jpg )

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