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My top 10 Candydoll models Candydoll BoardGirls
File: 155977232779.png - ( 464.76KB , 2157x1157 , top10.png )
6483 No. 6483

There, got that off my chest! Sone of these are a close call (and hard to exclude Elisabeth and Lina), feel free to diasgree...

>> No. 6484
For me...
1.EvaR and BellaK

>> No. 6485
1. KatieM
2. HannahF
3. LauraB
4. MayaL
5. AlissaP
6. JessicaC
7. ValensiyaS
8. EvaR
9. InessaD

The last few are always changing, but the top 5 are my definite favorites of them all. Katie <3

>> No. 6486
My list:

2-Alissa P
3-Eva R
4-Bella K

>> No. 6489
My top 10

1.- Laura B
2.- Valensiya S
3.- Alissa P
4.- Sonya M
5.- Eva R
6.- Lauren F
7.- Lesya B
8.- Sofi E
9.- Sofiya V
10.- Sharlotta S & Bella K

>> No. 6490
My top 10

1.- Laura B
2.- Valensiya S
3.- Alissa P
4.- Sonya M
5.- Eva R
6.- Lauren F
7.- Lesya B
8.- Sofi E
9.- Sofiya V
10.- Sharlotta S & Bella K

>> No. 6491
WLCs Top 10:

>> No. 6492
1. AnnieC
2. LauraB
3. ValensiyaS
4. DianaH
5. KlaraH
6. BellaK
7. LaurenF
8. EvaR
9. LesyaB

>> No. 6493
1 equal: Valensiya S & Laura B
3: Lesya B
4: Mila V
5: Alice L
6: Katie M
7: Sharlotta S
8: Sofie E
9: Diana H
10 equal: Alissa P, Piona P, Sonya M, Hanna F, Khloe R, Anastasia R, Anjerica C, Anastasia S, Inessa D, Darya V, Elona V, Emiliya V, Irina B, Masha P, Liliya Y, Maya L, Abrora H, Emma M, Kira T, Klara H, Mariya D, Maryam K, May R, Nika V, Sofiya V, Yana R.

>> No. 6494
File: 156016757415.jpg - ( 1.10MB , 1920x1080 , angel2019.jpg )
1st all CD models are #1.
If you aren't on my list,
i love love you.

Sure you got your Sandra fanatics.Webe Sandi and co,Yeah Diana is the greatest legend of ALL time and could be an honorary cd.Right star sessions yadda yaddda yadda but...


Not to take away from the list but maybe better with graphics.I've always wish to see CD models together who didn't appear so.Many model the same style and that would make good themes.

Talented artists out there please make it so?
That sure would be a nice new topic..

Even not cut and paste or collage just your top ten with one pic of each included or the reason why you have them on your list.Just names means some but graphics help those who are/aren't familiar see moreso what you mean.

As others my list changes.I'm affected by who is posted the most when you see what others like and similarities adds to the enjoyment.

1 Bella K . We all see post about other cd mods not as good as Bella.Be honest if Bella and most others walked by us on the street and we never seen them before you'd pay more attention to Sonya or whoever and probably not notice Bella as much.

Having said that there is a reason she is posted so much and loved even more.Also the artists remixing her and other arts show even more love for her.As for natural model beauty many may be better but Bella won our hearts.

2 Sonya M - Probably the best on video.The blonde, style and actions is my type.

3 Erica R - Sonya or Erica and Emiliya could be #1 and pretty much its a tie for all my top ten. In the model world i think Erica R is perfect and her attitude hard to understand off putting to some others get it.Stunning looker,could have been and probably is a triple digit pro model.

To add if her videos had not been lost she'd be #1 for alot more.look at those outfits where there is no video to match and pray with me that they are someday recovered.

Missing Erica R..That needs its own topic.
I've no doubt with proper recovery tools that drive content can be saved.

4 Emiliya V - if it hadn't been for others saying how good she is ..i'd not have paid attention thanks for the mentions,she is dynamite.She is pretty relaxed but even being still something to experience. Great eye contact looks just so sweet.

5 Masha P -blonde brat chewing the gum with Emiliya must see!!! Absolute stunner easily another # 1.Almost too pretty as if that is possible.

6 Piona - Also could be # 1 .Brattitude is amazing if you get it,some dont get it and dislike her for.
The reason why maybe She often looks away from and behind the vid cam to someone back there probably her chaperone.This is very distracting and if you edit that out where she looks at the camera lens makes much more enticing.See remix for example.Look bratz are supposed to be like that,its awesome,really really really enjoy it.
When you learn to read her eyes wether its a finger or lip bite, cute smile or whatever you like.Piona being a brat its hard to match.

7 Sasha D - If her missing video were available i think she'd make more lists.The vid quality on some isnt the greatest and being early cd isn't whats expected but something about her i love.

8 Juliya R - Must see videos in the red and cat print.If you like legs you will love JRCD.

9 Valensiya probably the cutest of em all.Dancing,vids sets all must see.
She is probably #1 over all by most.Those who make lists and post over those who don't she i'm sure would be voted #1 majority.

10 Eva R - Too good to be true and talk about legs.

>> No. 6496
To LL:
Ty so much for the observations: the Bella/Sonya dynamic I cannot disagree, Masha absolutely only wish there were more, Emilya slow burn and Piona just jelly wobble...
You;ve also given me a couple to check out thx
Just one q tho .. why no Elona .. to me she wears the CD crown ... each to their own but just wondering as we're on the same wavelength elsewise...

>> No. 6497
1. LauraB
1.5. ValensiyaS
2. LaurenF
2.5. AnnieC
3. KatieM
4. SofiyaV
5. JessicaC
6. HannahF
7. SabinaC
8. BellaK

There's an absurdly cute I think Ukranian girl that could've been a candydoll easy

>> No. 6498
File: 156064732644.jpg - ( 48.89KB , 368x647 , I2.jpg )
>>6497 Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out

They leave the west behind

And Moscow girls make me sing and shout

That Georgia's always on my my my my my my my my my mind

>>6496 Elona a byte small for me if were talking a top list or off my preferenced Erica Piona Sonya range but dont read wrong cuz,love em all.Will perhaps make remix of her for ya.Yes we are pretty close on our lists i see,thanks for mentioning i may not have noticed and the snaps.

You don't know how lucky you are boys !

Back in the U.S.S.R !

>> No. 6501
I'd luv an elona/USSr remix if u get the chance if not no worries and so grateful 4 WLC!

>> No. 6502
1. Valensiya S
2. Laura B
3. Valensiya S
4. Laura B
5. Valensiya S
6. Laura B
7. Valensiya S
8. Laura B
9. Valensiya S
10. Laura B
Honorable mention for LauraB and ValensiyaS.

SonyaM is great on video, I agree. Her sets, not so much. Especially after set 20.

>> No. 6503
I've always suspected that EvaR has a mild case of treacher collins syndrome.

>> No. 6505
Really kinda surprised no one said Natascha C.

I dont get the Elona thing at all but to each their own, funny too cause the rest of your list is very similar to my taste.

Top is also kinda vague theres a lot of girls with a couple videos that are great, like Juliya R. 3+4 wow, Chris G. may have my favorite set with #5, SashaD #2

and then there's the beauty aspect I think it'd be hard to argue that Biyanka S. Violeta K. Erica R. Faina A. Alisa A. and Elizabeta S. were just cute, they're all gorgeous I could see all of them still being models today but I dont know if they'd all be in my top 10.

And then do we look at post CD work, cause honestly on like a respect and admiration level I think Eva R. is the most appealing as a whole person, carries herself well, very talented dancer. Mika S. has always looked amazing but her more recent stuff from Fashion Land she looks so beautiful it elicits an emotional response, similar to Amy N.'s CD vids

10. Lidiya A (wish there were vid for all set)
9. Anjelika L ( did she do anything after CD?)
8. Sharlotta S ( * 8 and 15)
7. Biyanka S
6. Alissa P (4 get)
5. Amy N
4. Sonya M (she seems fun)
3. Natascha C
2. Elizabeta S
1. Laura B + Valensiya S

then again Piona P is the reason I liked CD in the first place gotta give close call to I dunno if they are sisters but Syuzanna + Silviya R. and of course Hanna F. is a gd angel

>> No. 6509
File: 156134468847.jpg - ( 102.51KB , 864x480 , WeLoveCandydoll!.jpg )
>>6505 makes some good points and loves Eva R enough for all of us so >>6494 i'm changing my 10 to Anastasia R.


>> No. 6518
Password for AnastasiaR Pls. THX!

>> No. 6520
Password for file named "stray" please

>> No. 6523
PW is; WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 6526
>>6509 Pass is: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 6575
No. 6503 EvaR may have a mild case of treacher collins syndrome? Dude, what are ya smokin'? That's crazy talk. Even mild cases are, with all respect, totally bereft of any prettiness. They actually look deformed.

>> No. 7214
Laura B

>> No. 7254
In no particuler order
1. ValensiyaS
2. AnastasiaR
3. Bella
5. Alyona
I never was any good at numbers

>> No. 7310

>> No. 7311
Bella K
Anjerica C
Laura B
Lauren F
Jessica C
Valensiya S
Emiliya V
Elona V
Natasha C
Klara H

>> No. 7313
File: 157942144843.jpg - ( 393.48KB , 1371x2048 , 1438632762464.jpg )
I love Valensiya S and Laura B

Laura is still so pretty. Imagine if she was your girlfriend! You would happy and grateful all the time.

>> No. 7324
Gosh is that Laura now - is she on Instagram?

>> No. 7362
File: 158094782166.png - ( 319.93KB , 362x653 , 28_11_2013.png )
01) Monika D (God, she is Queen Cuteness!)
02) Alissa P
03) Elona V (my favourite set is 30)
04) Emiliya V
05) Sabina C (my favourite set is 18)
06) Anna T
07) Bella K
08) Hanna F (my favourite set is 25)
09) Jessica C (my favourite set is 12)
10) Elena V (my favourite set is 05)

And I hereby represent a nostalgia, Alissa's real life video from 2013. She is with a friend doing a funny competition.


Alissa, you'll always be in my heart.

>> No. 7372
File: 158126004742.jpg - ( 32.03KB , 512x512 , 9WvFNmNt.jpg )
I don't know anything about Instagram. But her pictures are easy to find. I can't remember her real name but there's tons of classy pictures like that.

>> No. 7373
File: 158126060382.jpg - ( 93.45KB , 685x1024 , 1495546596633.jpg )

Her real name is Lera Bugorskaya.

>> No. 7381
File: 158134853744.jpg - ( 76.63KB , 1171x952 , bella pic.jpg )
i want to fkin eat that girl and swallow without chewing how cute she is man but unfortunately now she is around 67 so there is no bella anymore ..:( sad story
she has the greatest ... everything

>> No. 7382
Thank you!

>> No. 7385
File: 158141588342.jpg - ( 77.00KB , 540x672 , 1.jpg )
Innocent Elona

>> No. 7386
File: 158143270047.jpg - ( 110.70KB , 540x810 , 2.jpg )
Sensuous Emilia

>> No. 7387
File: 158143273282.jpg - ( 68.59KB , 540x660 , 3.jpg )
Exacting Masha

>> No. 7388
File: 158143276649.jpg - ( 77.72KB , 540x742 , 4.jpg )
Brattish Piona

>> No. 7395
I created a Sims family today - Piona (young adult), Masha (teen), Emilia (girl) and Elona (toddler) - first I had to build them an extension to sleep in etc. Piona is allegedly Elona's mum and the other her auntie's - but (shhh) in fact Piona is linked to the oligarchy and Elona actually of royal blood. Their character traits reflect those expressed in their videos (Piona a bit cruel, Masha posh and particular, Emilia loving hugs), and I can't wait to see how they 'live long and prosper!'

>> No. 7419
please do say hi on my 'welovecandydoll' blog on tumblr

>> No. 7421
File: 15823506009.jpg - ( 125.97KB , 1280x959 , 1414833753919.jpg )
Here's an interesting one I've never seen until today

She is so beautiful.

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