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Requests for sources and information of non-nude teens.
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Requests - BoardGirls
File: 158332763663.jpg - ( 337.05KB , 2000x1333 , 52.jpg )
31652 No. 31652 hide [Reply]
I couldn't find any josephine set in the site. Does anyone have some sets of josephine? Please

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>> No. 32044
File: 158435580243.jpg - ( 159.27KB , 867x1300 , 23.jpg )
ALA Josephine 01-32
No 13

Pass: Jozzy

>> No. 33116
File: 158793940310.jpg - ( 544.87KB , 1333x2000 , pt36 _MG_5878.jpg )
Playtoy Josephine sets were similar to the other AMS models, like Cherish & Sparkle with distinctive logos &/or watermarks.
Early sets, about 60(?), some of which were used in the early AMS sets.

>> No. 33137
same agency maybe she is pretty but too shy

File: 158793787089.jpg - ( 619.52KB , 2100x3419 , CNS-Ali-2005-2005-06-Birthday Party-028.jpg )
33115 No. 33115 hide [Reply]
Anyone have to Curt Newbury Ali Modelb birthday party set?

File: 15871302829.jpg - ( 5.64KB , 200x133 , celeste_TPI.jpg )
32729 No. 32729 hide [Reply]
Looking for she

>> No. 32797

>> No. 32819
Here are some nice sets of TPI Celeste enjoy


File: 158041626498.jpg - ( 340.34KB , 1778x931 , 0216547564.jpg )
30805 No. 30805 hide [Reply]
If you're a Vlad collector or afficionado you need this index! It lists all models, sets and videos that are known to be available.

You can check the index to determine if your collection is complete. It also makes it all easier for both requesters and sharers.

(Also please bring back the model's full collections [of what is available] and EXERMINATE everything that has the wrong [(web)] pic resolution!

Vlad deserves to be collected/shared in a respectful and lasting manner!)


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>> No. 31837
File: 15838345155.jpg - ( 503.21KB , 1041x845 , Vlad 2007 Arch.jpg )
Nice to see this posted, although its actually another Tom vid (shoes & stockings were a frequent theme of his vids)
Karl was another frequent Vlad customer

I'm glad to see your Vlad video thread up & rolling. Regretably, I'm not able to contribute due to serious uploading issues.
Even the videos I posted here took multiple tries.

Here is the Vlad 2007 Archive. While it can't compare to the 2014 Archive - it only goes to y160 & doesn't list sets or videos. Still, its a great companion piece due to its inclusion of those early models which the 2014 Archive omits. Also, in the cases of models who had 2 Vlad #s, it lists both. I've included a text file that touches on that a bit more.
It lists the models alphabeticly by name & then by #. They have the M's, U's, W's & Y's. The P's were not included (I'm not sure why)
Karina k001 was the only K model included, so I included a pic with the K models.
There was 1 error that I've corrected. Anna y123 had appeared both in her correct spot, as well as in place of Alena y103.
I've also included the previously omitted Marina y150. She only surfaced in the last few years, so you won't find her & her 16 sets in the 2014 Archive.
There were a couple of other minor touch ups I made (for the better)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 31965
File: 158406140075.jpg - ( 30.92KB , 322x243 , Alina y118 short clip.jpg )
Here's a screenshot of Alina y118 in what looks like an introduction series video.
It looks like it could have been done with set 14.
I've never actually seen it but I'm hoping someone might have it & be willing to post it.

>> No. 33077
This thread is too good for page 9 (which is really page 10)
the 2014 Vlad archive link is dead & that's too bad but there's several excellent Vlad vids that appear to still be up

this video definitely needs to be posted. It may very well be only a few seconds long but still worth it

File: 158300459219.jpg - ( 289.42KB , 1160x1740 , LisaSS-027-021.jpg )
31556 No. 31556 hide [Reply]
Lots of great material, would be nice to get it in one place for one price, anybody got advice?

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>> No. 32116
Big Star Session collection:


>> No. 32831
she has only 2 sets,,,,,

>> No. 33058
i guess in that sitehttp://www.boardgirls.to/teenmodels/ she has 40? someone upload them

File: 158593348637.jpg - ( 96.24KB , 502x767 , Andee Cover.jpg )
32382 No. 32382 hide [Reply]
Clarissa is in TM.I am looking for those 2 sets of Andee

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>> No. 32708
This Account has been suspended.

>> No. 32726
LOL! GEE What clues do we have that its a shit link? Hmmm its labeled 'QA" also its only 317 bytes. The size of a blank text file & maybe a virus too, as a special bonus
Newbs, those are the sort of red flags you need to watch for

>> No. 32898
Any links that work for andee ??

File: 158499376277.jpg - ( 22.66KB , 320x568 , beauty.jpg )
32187 No. 32187 hide [Reply]
I found a video with 37mins and another with ~18mins(this one being a short compilation of 3-4 videos with her, including some minutes from the first one mentioned), but no info about her or the other videos included in that compilation. I'd like to find the other videos.

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>> No. 32230
Sorry. I didn't posted the links before because they're not my uploads and are WDUpload premium only.
37 mins video: /file/7Zi2bsFKxamrA8-PIpFccg/selfshotwc_5236.mp4 (315MB)
18 mins video: /file/lTfqCY3-M9XJllAXR9nD0w/selfshotwc_4098.mp4 (56MB)

Use Debrid.xyz to download if you don't have premium. (This chan has weird rules for posting links too; just add the main site of WDUpload before the links)

>> No. 32244

>Sorry. We do not support your link !

upload to something not stupid.

>> No. 32906
woohoo hooo

File: 158708071973.jpg - ( 66.59KB , 375x500 , Hanna.jpg )
32717 No. 32717 hide [Reply]
Hanna is my hebe goddess, I have almost everything she has ever done, but I have no clue what this pic comes from. Anyone have info on it?

>> No. 32846
Who had Hanna-white dress and pantie around ankles ?

>> No. 32909
Im guessing it was shopped!!!

>> No. 32927
this doesn't look like a set, more like a candid pic from her social.

File: 15878104096.png - ( 710B , 159x30 , Sin título.png )
32982 No. 32982 hide [Reply]
I downloaded a archive but I dont remember the post, the filenae is "wonderfulworld.7z"

File: 158506865460.jpg - ( 179.00KB , 600x2322 , PionaP16.jpg )
32201 No. 32201 hide [Reply]
To finally complete my CD collection i'm looking for these 3 Vids. If someone has this vids to i would be happy

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>> No. 32820
File: 158742475614.jpg - ( 1.61MB , 1200x1800 , LP9_set.jpg )
CD LP9 set 153 Mb


>> No. 32947
Thanks alot for the set :-)

>> No. 32954
Does someone has MashaS12 vid to share?

File: 158754653864.jpg - ( 194.41KB , 810x540 , 154029684340.jpg )
32862 No. 32862 hide [Reply]
beautifull angel

>> No. 32965
File: 158778645485.jpg - ( 149.15KB , 1024x646 , Katie.jpg )
Pass: damon

File: 158776134789.jpg - ( 89.74KB , 800x533 , dany-dreams-set28-48.jpg )
32956 No. 32956 hide [Reply]
someone links to the missing albums?

File: 157807293023.jpg - ( 140.95KB , 600x2322 , MashaS15.jpg )
30363 No. 30363 hide [Reply]
Looking for CD MashaS15 Set. Can anybody help?

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>> No. 32470

>> No. 32751
Is there andybody who can reup MashaS15 set pls?

>> No. 32955
Requesting this set.Can someone help?

File: 158774949010.jpg - ( 38.23KB , 1080x1080 , 94688211_1175823842749131_2528955972324782412_n.jpg )
32952 No. 32952 hide [Reply]
Does anyone have some sets of kamilla carvalho?Please!!

File: 158771276943.jpg - ( 86.33KB , 720x540 , 140802896783.jpg )
32931 No. 32931 hide [Reply]
please post any girls in swimsuit on pooltoys in a new categorie


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