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fightingkids Requests BoardGirls
File: 15634823905.png - ( 1.24MB , 840x840 , imggrlvsby.png )
28663 No. 28663
does anybody have anything from FightingKids, girl vs boy, or girl vs girl?

>> No. 28826
yes pls :)

can somebody post this exact video?

>> No. 28840
Nah man, nobody posts any videos of fightingkids, some come here pretend that they have the videos, but nobody really posts anything... TT

>> No. 28848
If no videos, can we then at least get some sets?

>> No. 28867
what happened to the first thread about fightingkids? There was a video posted, wanted to check it out...

>> No. 28894

>> No. 28936
disappointing, i come back 2 weeks later and still no videos posted :(

How is it that FightingKids is the only one out there with 0 videos

>> No. 28990
No activity TT

>> No. 28999
There WAS a video posted. I didn't d/l it because it was pretty big (1.5GB).

Did anybody d/l it? Was it legit?

>> No. 29008
It was legit, 30 min run time, but some dude show up here trying to sell FightingKids videos, so entire thread was deleted...

>> No. 29075
re-post the video pls

>> No. 29088
post any video or set

>> No. 29091
There was never a video posted. Suggest go down to your town center @11 next Saturday 4 fightingkids

>> No. 29114
just get married for 24/7

>> No. 29123
no d/l links, only no point posts

>> No. 29168
Stop Fighting and start posting FightingKIds D/L links, ty.

>> No. 29184
I have 2 videos. The one that posted earlier and another one. Because it's a 1.4gb video i don't know which uploadsite is the fastest.

>> No. 29188
dl.free.fr is the best upload site

>> No. 29206
dl.free.fr (def the best service) or zippyshare.com (but this one has a file limit of 500 mb, so best use dl.free.fr if files are above 500mb

>> No. 29207
I used dl.free but think the link is only one week available. Hopefully posting these 2 videos is a nice start for more uploads from others.

No pass!



>> No. 29239
Thanks for the videos. I don't know why there are so few to find. There's no nudity in it. The kids are roleplaying wrestling poses.

What number of set is the OP picture?

>> No. 29249
Not a set, it is a DVD, DVD A926


>> No. 29300
Is there any way to save the videos? free.dl doesn't let me save them locally... :-(

>> No. 29487
any more of videos like this?

>> No. 29624
pls moar

>> No. 29675
Is there a way to download videos from this 2 links?



>> No. 29689
Have you tried: right mouse click and then video save as when the video is playing?

>> No. 29739
girl v girl videos?

>> No. 29805
lol, i got jabaited, 20+ posts but only 2 videos, damn

>> No. 30049
only 2 videos out of hundreds of vids and sets on their website, anybody?

>> No. 30137
One day somebody will #Dump bunch of videos in this thread, it will be like a Christmas miracle, Pog!

>> No. 30359
shame there are no more videos

>> No. 30381
I have alot of Vids even pic sets I post some in 2-3 days

>> No. 30419
Thank you! Looking forward to it!

>> No. 30468

yes pls

>> No. 30477


>> No. 30495
Is this thread dead?

>> No. 30517
it was never alive... 2 post that you cant download, and almost 40 posts

>> No. 30579

Pls upload

>> No. 30637
File: 157956235435.jpg - ( 8.96KB , 225x150 , f1145a.jpg )

>> No. 30694
I got vk links to 2 vids

First one is Girl vs Girl (1:53 min run time)

Second one is Girl vs Boy (17:13 min run time)

VK Groups had so many videos before, but 99% of them are now gone.

>> No. 30700
Here is my contribution, 8 min video

Girl vs Boy

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