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Seeking classic sets of Rikki/Candy Requests BoardGirls
File: 157888181047.jpg - ( 45.77KB , 375x500 , rikki.jpg )
30504 No. 30504
I do not think I have seen her in at least 10 years. Unfortunately I lost my old collection in a fit of self-loathing.
I am pretty sure I know of all the main studios ngand do not think she was part of them--certainly not Newstar, CandyDolls and their related studios which have models by the same name. Her pics were labeled with her (once) eponymous website though.
I can tell you she was American or Candadian from the one video I recall. She is doing splits in a pink velour leotard in front of an unlit fireplace while talking about some Disney thing.
She was about 8 or 9, thin with a perfect flat chest, medium length wavy blonde hair and a narrow chin and nose.
Sets I recall:

By a pool outside in a one-piece tie die swirl bathing suit
In jeans and short tee shirt by the same pool and also playing on a ladder
In a light blue bikini in a darkened room with shadows of window blinds cast across her
Playing with paints indoors and eventually getting covered by them

There were probably about a dozen sets maybe more, not very professionally shot with no out of the ordinary props or outfits.

Looks like the Wayback Macine first crawled her site in 2003.
She is truly a Holy Grail of mine-- any help would be appreciated!

>> No. 30521
Apparently she was Candy before she was Rikki.
Her site went back to early 2003 and continued to mid 2004, after wich it was quickly taken over by some fugly adult

>> No. 30522
File: 157895965970.jpg - ( 41.01KB , 388x550 , 2004-06-06-2.jpg )
Isn't she lovely? I'm sure I'm not the only one hear who is desiring of her!

>> No. 30523
File: 157897721738.jpg - ( 219.05KB , 1229x922 , 26.jpg )
She likes to see her sets online!

>> No. 30526
File: 157900363771.jpg - ( 181.51KB , 768x1024 , 01.jpg )
Some nice cameltoes in this set. Alas, I no longer have any...

>> No. 30530
File: 157901048020.jpg - ( 938.97KB , 1500x2000 , 2003-2-23-048-1-tile.jpg )
Here want i found. 16 sets at 204mb sorry no vid,some set not full. as found.enjoy!
Hi. OP. You can interact with the wayback site for model info click on profile,also
click on enter will get you thumbnails.

random previews

>> No. 30540
File: 157904927831.jpg - ( 50.68KB , 550x384 , 2005-01-28-2.jpg )
You are so awesome, thank you! Yes I got these few preview pics via WayBack thanksfully. Her sets went up to 51 at least (she actually starts looking like 12 as advetised) but I do't thik I ever saw any of these later sets in the wild 15 years ago. Here is one of the latest previews I was able to retrieve

>> No. 30553
File: 15791117298.jpg - ( 927.94KB , 1536x2048 , Mvc-079f-1-tile.jpg )
rikki model 361 mix pics. 66.8mb as found.
Found some more, this is a mix download.pic titles strange. Looks like some new full set are included.





>> No. 30559
File: 157916875112.jpg - ( 249.68KB , 768x1024 , 06.jpg )
Bumping for anyone with any early sets of Candy (aka Rikki)!

>> No. 30562
File: 157919099621.jpg - ( 953.84KB , 1708x3423 , Dscf045-tile.jpg )
rikki 5 more set.
sets have names like yellow shorts ect.

>> No. 30563
File: 157919121783.jpg - ( 974.51KB , 3072x2048 , cc08-tile.jpg )
Candy 8 sets!!!
I am sorry to say that the candy sets seem to be copy's of rikki set just different water marks.
posting as some like to keep everthing of a model.


>> No. 30574
File: 157926234975.jpg - ( 158.13KB , 858x1144 , 03.jpg )
Incredible!. Here's hoping someone digs up some of these old sets of younger Candy!

>> No. 30608
File: 157941106844.jpg - ( 139.86KB , 858x1144 , 13.jpg )
This one is from my favorite set. She looks sooo..mmmm...sultry!

>> No. 30679
File: 157976492771.jpg - ( 199.31KB , 922x1229 , 27.jpg )
Anybody?? Does _anybody_ have more Cabdy/Rikki sets? Please...I'm burning here...

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