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Requests for sources and information of non-nude teens.
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Fashion Land Covers Requests BoardGirls
File: 158247200142.jpg - ( 451.19KB , 2000x3000 , 5633d0c6067bb.jpg )
31343 No. 31343
Hello. Could anyone post covers of sets from Fashion-Land.
They are closed community so non-members do not even see whether there is something interesting unfortunately. Thus getting a batch of covers of their sets would be splendid.
They looked like the picture I attach, but I believe somewhere half way through they changed it to so there is "star-rating" at the bottom.
Also covers for Fashion-Dolls or whatever they call it now would be great.

Million thanks in advance.

>> No. 33181
While you are on the topic lol. Does anyone have any newer sets of Annie C from FL? She is my favorite CD model, and I know she went on to model for FL after but I dont have any of those sets.

>> No. 33201
File: 158826472051.jpg - ( 896.51KB , 2434x3650 , Annie_Fashion_Model_(Set_34)_00038.jpg )
Can you post downloadable Annie sets for us then we can all share? Then we also will know which sets you need. We all love Annie!!

Lets get all of her sets on the table I will start the ball rolling.

Annie 34 FL https://filehorst.de/d/dqxjfbbf

>> No. 33324
Actually, I think I'll just Start an Annie thread in Teen Models, I'll post the link later when it appears so we won't hijack the cover photo thread. That way we can post her sets from CandyDoll, Fashion Doll, and Fashion Land :D

As for the person asking for cover sets >>31343
I found this in my Annie folder, don't remember downloading it lol, I assume it was on this website somewhere.
All the covers for Annie's FL sets (at the time it was taken, I assume there are more)

Pass: WeLoveAnnie!

>> No. 33700
File: 158996814333.png - ( 665.55KB , 1024x768 , scr.png )
found this
pass: NoNudeForum2014

my add

others here

>> No. 33702


>> No. 33816
You're better off not knowing what they have, because in the end, you're never going to see most of it. Just wait until some leaks it and concentrate on other things.

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