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Does anyone have sets and videos of Michelle from Requests BoardGirls
File: 158944284632.jpg - ( 2.38MB , 4000x6000 , Michelle-002-002.jpg )
33567 No. 33567
Does anyone have sets and videos of Michelle from star sessions and/or secret stars? I found a link with her sets once but it had so many ads and redirects I didn't want to bother with it. And now I cant find it again.

Seems like she is hard to find on here, but she is so cute I need more of her.

>> No. 33575
File: 158946154841.jpg - ( 1.51MB , 3333x5000 , Michelle-005-004.jpg )
I think she is hot weird but I think it her long hair an wicked smile. Many thanks if anyone has her video set. On a zippy or dl.free.fr

>> No. 33582
Star Sessions Michelle

>> No. 33586
File: 158948708124.jpg - ( 365.39KB , 3840x2160 , MICH.jpg )
Stars-Sessions Michelle

>> No. 33600
File: 158955355782.jpg - ( 905.97KB , 1200x1800 , JasminP02_003.jpg )
Those pastebin links above are filled with Trojans.

No way

>> No. 33607
Sweet, thanks!

I agree, I think her smile is her best trait. Something about it is very pleasing.

Now If only I could find the full set or video to Michelle Secret Stars set 9 and 10...

>> No. 33642
Its a real pain to get to the link, but as long as you make sure you download the right things and close all the popups then they work, I've done the first few and its fine.

>> No. 33682
File: 158990706076.png - ( 1.29MB , 826x967 , Michelle-007vid Screenshot.png )
Her videos are actually the best things i've ever seen... My new favorite SS model for sure, maybe just my favorite model ever. She is just amazing!

One last request for Secret Star Michelle??? I know they exist, I just need to find someone who will share them :D

Took me like a whole two minutes to grab this screenshot, she does it so fast I couldn't get a clear frame even in 4k. Thought it was funny.

>> No. 33746
Love that shot awesome. ❤❤❤❤❤

>> No. 33789
she's a pistol.

>> No. 33802
File: 159018315017.jpg - ( 1.42MB , 3333x5000 , Michelle-005-136.jpg )
As I am downloading the sets, I see that some of them end with some pics that have a different file name.
There is a p after the set number (Michelle-007p-08 for example) and she seems to be more.... suggestive? in them.

Just wondering if the OP of these links knew what that was. I have never seen any other SS models sets do that. I wonder if the sets where is does that turned into a secret star set, and those few at the end are a preview?

Regardless, thanks for all of that, even if it takes forever and is really annoying to get to the link, it's worth it for her. So perfect.

>> No. 33827
File: 159024953455.jpg - ( 3.48MB , 6000x4000 , Michelle-009-067.jpg )
Love 2 have any secret sessions michelle. Anyone who wants to share please help. Thanks

>> No. 33929
Most of the girls that did Secret Stars Sets and Videos had regular Sets and Videos with a 'P' suffix.
The 'P' was meant to stand for 'Provocative', and as such the pics were removed from the mainstream sets, and the videos were shortened.
Lisa 'P' pics are posted @ /teenmodels/res/183691.html#189127
Maisie sets with 'P' pics are posted throughout
Lilu 'P' sets are posted @ /teenmodels/res/186589.html#189126

>> No. 33941
Ahhhh I see that now, I didn't notice the videos had it as well.

I haven't gotten around to getting the star sessions of the other models so I didn't know other model's sets did it too.

Thanks for the info!

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